The Cap&Couch Group

The Cap&Couch Group is the parent company for all projects, formats and services carried out under the “Cap&Couch” name. The multimedia production house “Cap&Couch – Media House”, the not-for-profit organisation “Cap&Couch – Education” and the careers guidance format “Cap&Couch – Business Backstage” are all members of the Cap&Couch Group.

All these projects run hand-in-hand. “Media House” oversees the creation and production of all multimedia content, from film and TV productions to media services for events and distribution of the completed projects. Media House also produces the content for the “Business Backstage” video format, which is also used in the seminars and courses of “Cap&Couch – Education”.

About us

Our mission

The mission of the Cap&Couch Group is to fully utilise all the resources at our disposal by bringing skills together and intelligently linking projects with one another. We place particular value on collaborations and productions that have lasting results.

Our philosophy

Not possible? Impossible! In the Cap&Couch Group, we believe that nothing is impossible if you have the right talent, the right experience and a strong partner at your side. That’s why we not only rely on our own extensive expertise, but also on our wide network of carefully selected partners. That’s how we find a solution to every challenge. Companies find motivated, enthusiastic and creative people that fit seamlessly into their culture. Products find customers, and customers find exactly what they want.

That's what we deliver

The Cap&Couch Group lives through its motivated staff, a wide network of freelancers and strong partners. This enables us to offer a broad range of services. We can produce your film and TV projects, commercials and corporate image films, online streams and live events of every kind. We devise, plan and produce. If requested, we can also tie-in our in-house video format “Cap&Couch – Business Backstage”, which we provide free of charge. Together with the workshops, seminars and projects of “Cap&Couch – Education”, the result is an effective and modern contribution to the provision of careers guidance and training to young people.

The Group

The Cap&Couch Group comprises various projects and formats. In addition to the “Cap&Couch – Media House” arm, which handles productions, post-production and multimedia services for our customers, we also have an in-house careers guidance service “Cap&Couch – Business Backstage” and the not-for-profit organisation “Cap&Couch – Education”, which hosts careers guidance workshops, seminars and courses for schools.

Clients / Team